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RS485 Interface
Use it for connection between PC's with serial modules(RFID/Magnetic/Digital I/O)

Common Specification
Compact module, robust, RS485 - 4wire without protocol
Up to 250 RS485 modules could be connected
Max distance: 1200m, Network topology: any
Recommendation: UTP cable, it use 6 wire, 2 for power.
Power: 8-15V/0.1A, local or through UTP cable.
Connectors: phone plug RJ12 with 6 pins, easy to install

RS485 to RS232
can be plugged into PC's serial port(DB-9)
plug DB-9M

RS485 to USB
Powered from USB port
recommendation for laptop
Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers
USB 1.X, 2.0

RS485 to TCP/IP
TCP/IP 100/10BaseT Ethernet to serial Module
Connectors: RJ45, RJ12, 4 status Leds
Serial to Ethernet Device Server TCP/IP, IP or MAC
Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers

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