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About company

The Quanta Tehnic Company has been established in 1990. In that period the company participated to many automatisation and research projects in the electrical engineering area.

In 1996, the company produced for the first time and attendance magnetic system and implemented this solution to many customers.

In 2003 Quanta Tehnic Services produced RFID proximity systems for access control and time and attendance.

Quanta Tehnic Services products are extremely reliable, have competitive price and are permanently adapted to the customer needs.

Between 1996 and present the company expanded the range of products: RFID Reader, RFID Access Control, Time and Attendance proximity and magnetic systems, Wireless/IR data module, Magnetic Access Control, Interface RS232, USB, TCP/IP, Transponders, Long Range with active and passive tags. All products have incredible small and compact dimensions.

Quanta Tehnic Services sell about 70% of the products to security companies, integrators and software developers.

Quanta Tehnic Services is using the latest technology and the best electronic components.

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